Bryanston Parallel Medium was founded in 1970. The need arose for an Afrikaans Primary School within the community.

Mr. SJ Coetzer began the school as acting Principal. Mr. J Oosthuizen (January 1972 – April 1976) was appointed as the first permanent Principal of Bryanston Laerskool.  Mr. Oosthuizen’s successor was Mr. J Branders (April 1976 – December 1985). Mrs. M Snyman became acting Principal for the remainder, until a new Principal could be appointed.  Mr. A Viljoen took the leadership (January 1987 – June 1990) Mr. B De Klerk was to follow. Mr. Viljoen as acting Principal. (August 1990 – April 1992) Mr. A Potgieter (April 1992 – December 1999) took over the reigns from Mr. B De Klerk.  As of January 2000 the school commenced as a Parallel Medium School. With the decreasing amount of Afrikaans speaking learners it was necessary to take this step. Mrs. A Senekal was appointed acting Principal from January to April 2000.  Mr. RJA Kachelhoffer was appointed as Principal as of April 2000.

All that has been achieved since 2000 is as a result of the selfless contributions from parents in regards to various fundraising projects.

With growing numbers and new interests forming, the learner numbers have more than doubled, this all-taking place with the assistance of enthusiastic and dedicated parents supporting us.

As of 2000 the following milestones have been reached in the history of our school:
1. Learner numbers have increased.
2. Additional sports fields are groomed for us.
3. A minimum of 19 classrooms were built.
4. Staff Members increase:

  • A Principal.
  • A Deputy – Principal.
  • Head of Department – Foundation Phase.
  • Head of Department – Intermediate Phase.
  • Head of Department – Sport and extra-curricular activities.
  • Nineteen Educators -To maintain smaller learner numbers in classes, the School Governing Body has created an additional 20 posts over the past five years. The Secretaries comprise of 4 ladies.

5. All bathrooms have been renovated and improved upon.
6. All classroom interiors have been painted and floor tiles replaced.
7. Each classroom has had two ceiling-fans installed.
8. Each bathroom has been equipped with a cold water purifying system.
9. A new Office-block was built.
10. The Old Office-block was converted into a staff room and a music centre.
11. A modern Computer Center was created where all learners from Grade 1 to 7 receive computer education and training.
13. An Aftercare Center with homework classes was started.

Introduction of E – Learning started off in 2009.

Qualified Educators do duties in homework classes.
Food is provided to learners in aftercare.
Staff on duty outdoors to supervise learners.
Holiday care.

We are proud of our large Pre-Primary School that accommodates learners from the age of 2 years to Grade R.

The landscaping and upgrading of our gardens and buildings need constant attention.

Our schools best assets remain:

  1. An excellent team of staff members and modern technology in classrooms.
  2. Enthusiastic learners wanting to learn.
  3. Parents that support and assist the school.

There are many interesting projects that we would like to kick off. Our main goal is to create a pleasant learning environment for all learners. We don’t have any monuments at our school; our schools monuments are the happy learners at our school and the successful old learners of the past.

We invite you to read and view our website further, in an effort to get to know our school, you will then understand our motto: ESPRIT DE CORPS.

We thank you for the opportunity of sharing the joys and experiences of our school with you.

R Kachelhoffer (Principal)