Mini Hockey:
Mini hockey is a six-a-side game played on a quarter field. Most of the rules of field hockey apply. At Bryanston Parallel girls play mini field hockey from Gr R – 3 (u/6 – u/9). In the beginning of the 3rd term there is an annual Hockey clinic.
Girls Hockey:
Girls’ field hockey officially starts at the beginning of the 3rd term. At the end of the 2nd term there is an annual Hockey camp.
Boys Hockey:
Boys’ field hockey was implemented into the school for the first time in 2016. Only u/12 and u/13 boys play field hockey. Boys’ hockey officially starts at the beginning of the 3rd term. At the end of the 2nd term there is an annual Hockey camp.
Practice Clothes:
Tracksuit pants, shorts or sports skirt/skort. T-shirt or long sleeved top.
Gholf shirt used for cricket.
Always bring a warm top.
Long socks.
Running shoes (hockey boots are optional)
Wear SAFETY EQUIPMENT during every practice. Please provide your son/daughter with a well-marked bag to keep her things safe.
NO jewellery may be worn (no earrings, studs, rings, watches, bracelets or necklaces).
Match Uniform:
The hockey match uniform is the same uniform as for netball for the girls. Boys 2nd team wear blue shorts and blue/red shirts (as picture).  Boys 1st team wear blue/white/red shorts and red shirt (as picture)
The u/6 – u/13 girls/boys wear long plain white hockey socks.
Only the First team Boys and Girls wear red or blue hockey socks.
When it is cold, players wear their school jersey or tracksuit until the start of the game.
Constantia Uitrusters, Malibongwe Drive, Randburg McCullough & Bothwell, Fourways Crossing
Basic Equipment:
Players (Grade 1-7) need to have their own equipment.
Stick and ball – well marked. Safety Equipment:
Shin pads.  A mouth guard is compulsory.
A hockey stick should be bought according to a player’s height. It should reach just below the hip joint.
U/6 Girls: 13:00 - 13:45 Tuesday - Thursday
U/7 & U/8 Girls: 13:00 - 14:00 Tuesday - Thursday
U/9 - U/13 Girls: 14:00 - 15:00 Tuesday - Thursday
U/12 & U/13 Boys: 15:00 - 16:00 Tuesday - Thursday

Match Days:
D9 League: U/7 - U/11 Girls Thursday
U/12 & U/13 Girls Friday
U/12 & U/13 Boys Friday
D10 League: U/9 - U/13 Girls Tuesday

We also participate in various junior tournaments for U/6 - U/9 girls.        
Field Hockey is the second largest team sport in the world and is played in over 100 countries. We fall under the Southern Gauteng Hockey Association (SGHA) and follow their values regarding the sport of hockey. The Association is committed to operating with integrity, openness, and respect to ensure that our tradition of field hockey excellence is preserved in Southern Gauteng and that our sport is open to people of all ages, skill levels and abilities. At least 80% of the girls at Bryanston Parallel play hockey. No one is turned away as it is a skill that needs to be developed. We have so many teams that we made the decision to enrol into two leagues, D9 & D10. 
  • A- and C- teams play in the D9 - league
  • B- teams play in the D10 league
  • D- teams play in tournaments
Our 1st team girls made history this year (2018) by winning the Best of the West tournament, and placed 6th in the National Champ of Champs tournament in Potchefstroom.  We are very proud!