Senior Choir – Grade 4 -7

To sing in the BPMS choir is truly a wonderful experience.  Here we grow, learn and work as a unity. It is very rewarding!

Being part of the choir requires hard word and lots of self-discipline.   You need to be committed and take responsibility as you are part of a group with fellow enthusiasts.  

Some of the event we participate in:

  • Sing in Harmonie” competition
     BPMS participated in 2017 and 2018
    “Sing in Harmonie” is a prestigious choir competition that is aired on KykNet. 
  • The Megafest of Choirs.
    The Megafest of Choirs is a joined festival created and started by KariSma (Johan Bester) in Association with Maragon Private School Ruimsig. This festival stretches over 5 days with primary school choirs, high school choirs and adult choirs.
  • The National Eisteddfod competition
  • Sing it! – Johan Bester
  • School functions


Ronél Meiring:  Organiser

Elnet Ferreira:  Admin

Duncan Fourie:  Choir Master

Gert Potgieter:  Accompanist

To be part of a choir is an unforgettable experience.  You meet new friends, you learn new skills and most of all, you learn to never give up.