Here at Bryanston Parallel Medium School we don’t wait for the grass to grow under our feet. We make things happen.  As technology advances, BPMS has done everything to stay with the modern society’s expectations and demands of the youth. It is our hunger for new learning opportunities that was the driving force behind the implementation of E-Learning.

E-learning refers to teaching and learning, using electronic media. Here at BPMS, we would like to create a 21st century learning and teaching environment that can be used effectively and to discover the richness of the academy for learners.

Bryanston Parallel Medium Teachers prepare each lesson with care and often use sound, videos and images to keep lessons interesting and learners well informed. We focus on active learning at our school,  we do this successfully as the E-learning system is learner-centered.  

We implemented E-learning in 2015. The Grade 6 and 7 learners were the first group who was introduced to the E-learning concept. We have a strong focus on digital literature and from here we are growing from strength to strength.  

BPMS implemented Phase Two of Effective E-Learning in 2016 where we included the Grade 5 learners.

Wi-fi is in full coverage in all classrooms.

Each learner in Grades 5, 6 and 7’s textbooks is on the tablet.

Sources are regularly sent to the learners’ tablet, as the teacher evokes new knowledge. Daily content is also sent to the learners’ tablet, which varies from a word document, PDF, URL or video.

Class time is used more authentically for interaction and achieving high level of knowledge integration.

For more information please regarding e-learning, please visit  IT Schools’ website.