School uniforms are available from: Constantia Outfitters (Tel: 011 791 1300), opposite Randburg Hoërskool in Malibongwe Ave and McCullagh & Bothwell at Fourways Crossing (Tel: 011 7051070).
School colours: Royal blue, grey, white and red.
School Blazer:  Royal blue tetrex.
School badge:  Compulsory on top left hand pocket of blazer.
Padded jacket with zip and school badge:  Royal blue jacket with school badge.
Girls uniform: SUMMER:  White and navy blue checked school dress with white collar and cuffed sleeves, pleated bodice, slightly pleated in the waist with a belt, A-line skirt.  Short white socks with black school shoes.  
WINTER:  Navy blue pinafore OR navy blue trousers, long sleeved blue shirt, red tie, navy blue tights or grey socks, black school shoes, school jersey and blazer or padded jacket.  
Boys uniform: SUMMER:  Blue short sleeved shirt with pair of grey shorts.  Long grey Bryanston Parallel Medium socks with red, white and blue stripes (winter and summer) and black school shoes.
WINTER:  Long grey flannel trousers, blue shirt, red tie, grey socks, black school shoes and blazer or padded jacket.
Shoes: Black shoes.  Shoes are compulsary.
Jewelry: No jewelry, except watches. Girls may only wear studs in their ears.
Girls Hair: Hair ribbons, elastic bobbles or bands - red/white/blue. Hair may not cover eyes. No colouring or highlights of hair is allowed.
Boys Hair: Short, clean and neat. NO colouring of hair and NO hair gel is allowed.
Our School Song (As performed by Heinz Winkler):



Ons leer saam n toekoms bou by Bryanston Parallel Medium Dis ons tweede huis, n plek van groei Geplant, Gewater, Gesnoei Solank ons saamstaan: hand-aan-hand Kniee gebuig: "Heer Seen ons land!"

Eenheid met diversiteit, Ons heg waarde aan waarheid. Ons reenboognasie - Ons inspirasie Hier wil ons bly:


We're guided to a brighter future at Bryanston Parallel Medium Its our second home, where there's room to bloom Planted, Watered, Pruned We're standing together hand in hand On our knees "Lord, bless our land!"

Here we welcome diversity And we value unity Our rainbow-nation, our inspiration We'll stay the course:


Here we welcome diversity and we value unity Ons reenboognasie - Ons inspirasie Hier wil ons bly: Esprit de Corps! Our rainbow-nation, our inspiration Hier wil ons bly: ESPRIT DE CORPS!!

  All information is sent out in the form of a newsletter to parents every Friday via e-mail as well as published on the School Communicator
  Please note that NO LEARNER may leave the school grounds unless signed out in the office by their parents or authorised person, as appointed by the parents.  Please make the necessary arrangements via letter to his/her register teacher prior to fetching learners.  An email is to be sent to and
  If a learner has been absent, parents must write a letter explaining the reason for absenteeism and send it with the learner on the day he/she returns to school.  If a learner is sick during the school day, the teacher will send them to the office.  The secretary will then phone the parents to collect the child.
a. Only suitable strengthened schoolbags that protect schoolbooks are allowed.
b. Textbooks and other school property must be looked after and be returned in a satisfactory condition.
c. Writing on desks, textbooks and walls is not allowed.
d. No learner may tamper with electrical equipment or fire extinguishers.
e. Other learners' property is private and should not be touched.
f. Any damaged property will be repaired at the parents' expense.
  An e-mail must be sent to to inform the school of the learners' transfer.  The learners' name, surname, class, date of transfer and school/province where learner is to transfer to must be stated in the e-mail.  Before a learner leaves the school, all textbooks must be handed in and all outstanding school fees paid.  Thereafter a transfer card will be issued on the last day of the learner attending school.
  Learners may wear casual clothes to school on the day of his/her birthday.