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What We Offer

At Bryanston Parallel Medium we placed academia on the top of our priority list. The teachers and management believes it to encourage learners with multiple growth opportunities for his/her potential to reach.

The school has sufficient qualified and competent teachers who inspire compassion and experience to learner’s meaningful growth. The focus is on learners who should be happy and should work hard to make his/her goals.

At our school classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Not only create interactive whiteboards a new learning experience for our learners, but also a positive learning environment for our teachers.

Our Approach

At Bryanston Parallel Medium we strictly teach according to policies and procedures of the GDE. Our curriculum endorsed the following;

  • Every child can learn and experience success.
  • Happy teachers ensure happy learners.

Our Aim

If we take our academic performances under review, we come to the realization that we are very fortunate. On academic grounds Bryanston Parallel Medium has established itself as one of the leading schools in Gauteng. Our results with the Annual National Assessment and the Systematic evaluation, is proof of this. We can look back with pride on the academic improvement and growth that has occurred during the past few years.

Bryanston Parallel Medium staff members do everything in their power to equip our learners with the necessary skills to become a balanced adult.



This year at the NEA we focused on QUALITY and not QUANTITY! For 2014 we have had, 40 learners to enter the Eisteddfod, and these 40 learners achieved 108 Diplomas, 73 Gold certificates and 16 Silver certificates.


Our choir, under the guidance of Ms. Landi van Wyk , practices, early morning, twice a week, throughout the year. They took part in the Tienerzone competition and was broadcasted on television .They received a Gold certificate at the NEA choir competition. We are very proud of our choir!

Culture Achievements

Our best part this year was our team orators, where four teams from Grade 4 – Grade 7 participated – 16 speakers. All four teams qualified in their division’s top three.

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What we Offer

Participation in a wide variety of student selected sport activities is a vital part of our educational philosophy. Sport contributes immensely to the development of a child as a whole; enabling all students to maximise their educational experience.
BPMS is proud to offer our students a wide variety of sport activities namely: athletics, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket and tennis. Our school sport activities are designed to give students the opportunity to develop new interests and to refine their skills.
We invite you to read about our sport at BPMS by exploring the pages of this website.

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Our Prefects

Our prefects

  • The school has a policy to be followed in the election of prefects
  • The prefects is responsible to assist staff before school, during breaks and at school occasions
  • To be a prefect therefor means a growth opportunity for the learner to develop his leadership skills and learn how to maintain themselves between others

School Governing Body

The governing body, in conjunction with the principal, manages the two schools on the premises. The body includes staff and committed, loyal parents, each a specialist in his/her own area.


Grade R / Preschool

Our aim at our school is to challenge ourselves and the children to think differently, reconnect with nature and awaken the creativity within them all.  We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for every child. Our curriculum stimulates the child’s development in all areas, cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

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Grade 1 – 3

Here at the Foundation Phase of Bryanston Parallel Medium, each teacher strives to be part of the child’s road to independence. The development of each child in total should place him/her on a road to success.

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Grade 4 – 7

The learning areas in the Intermediate phase have been reduced to six subjects.  The result is that in Grade 4 – 6 Technology will be combined with Natural Sciences; Arts and Culture will be combined with Life Skills and Economic and Management Sciences will be taught only from Grade 7.

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Our Principal

When walking through the school grounds, over weekends or perhaps during school holidays, one realises that a school is nothing more than mere bricks and mortar and means very little without its pupils. It is the children’s faces and laughter that fill a home or a school with life.

The foundation of our school rests on four pillars – Guiding values; Academic Programs; Sport activities and Cultural activities. These pillars must be equally strong in a school, only then, will a school thrive.

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